Open MBEE Products

General Release Architechture Version: D (Codename Donbot) Roadmap: Feature Complete. Long term support.

MMS: 3.4.2 View Editor: 3.5.1 Jupyter MDK: Magic Draw MDK: Matlab MDK: Mathematica MDK:

Open MBEE Roadmap

Execubots Architecture: Version E (Codename Execubots) Release Status: E-0 in development Roadmap: Key features:

Flexo Architecture: Version F (Codename Flexo) Release Status: Prototyping Roadmap: Key Features:

Open MBEE Versioning Roadmaps

The OpenMBEE Software Platform involves a number of integrations with software services. As a result, the combined features and archtiecture of the overall platform are represented by a letter which represents the Architectural Version and a number representing the release package of all the