About Us

OpenMBEE is an open community built around an open source Model-Based Engineering Environment. The concept is to create an integrated environment for engineering that is driven around connected models. Such environments inherently serve multiple modeling languages as well as a variety of techniques for model checking, simulation, document generation etc. The core concept is to use transclusion technology to create unified technical information with an authoritative source.

OpenMBEE has a variety of open source projects supporting this pursuit as well as contributed open source models. The intent is that more open source models and model libraries will flourish as the community grows. Another distinctive quality is that the open source software on OpenMBEE includes plugins or extensions for commercial tools. This supports the idea to create a unified environment based on a variety of commodity software. OpenMBEE software is licensed under Apache 2.0 or another compatible open source license. Anyone is welcome to contribute; there are regular meetings online and face to face.

OpenMBEE software provides a platform for modeling that utilizes the Model Management System (MMS) that can be accessed from rich SysML desktop clients like MagicDraw, light-weight web-based client like View Editor, mathematical computation programs like Mathematica, and any other tool that can utilize RESTful web services. It provides infrastructure for versioning, workflow management, and access control. OpenMBEE software facilitates multi-tool and multi-repository integration across engineering, computing, and management disciplines. OpenMBEE software provides the core allowing tracking relations between heterogeneous data sources in a linked data architecture using transclusion technology. System models are constructed, queried and rendered following the view and viewpoint paradigm. The novel element being the use of transclusion structures to weave a digital fabric of references between models.