NumFOCUS Project

As of 2020 OpenMBEE is an official NumFOCUS project.

NumFOCUS in a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and maintaining open source projects. NumFOCUS provides a stable, independent, and professional home for the open source projects powering contemporary scientific inquiry and business processes. They aim to ensure that funding and resources are available to sustain projects in the scientific data stack over the long haul.

OpenMBEE is a NumFOCUS Sponsored Project. NumFOCUS supports these projects by connecting them to the growing NumFOCUS community, providing elevated visibility through the organization and granting additional funding.

Fiscally sponsored projects, such as OpenMBEE formally become part of NumFOCUS. NumFOCUS provides a number of services for fiscally sponsored projects, including financial administration, operational and legal support. Fiscally sponsored projects are also eligible to use NumFOCUS resources and infrastructure to help raise money for the project.

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