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OpenMBEE (Open Model Based Engineering Environment) is an open source collaborative engineering system. It enables engineers to work in the language of their choice and easily share and document their work across other tools.
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OpenMBEE Components

Model Development Kit

Model Development Kits (MDKs) are tool-specific integrations that's primary purposes are to sync models with the MMS and implement the DocGen language, which allows modelers to dynamically generate documents in a model-based approach using the view and viewpoint concept.

Model Management System

MMS is a version control system for structured data. It exposes model information through RESTful web services that can be used for CRUD operations, branching, and tagging of the model repository.

View Editor

VE enables users to interact with SysML models within a web-based environment. It implements the MMS REST API to provide a web environment to create, read, and update model elements, including Documents and Views.

OpenSE Cookbook

Engineering cookbooks are a compendium for the engineer which captures best practices, lessons learned, and provides guidance on how to use languages and tools to perform a certain engineering task

OpenMBEE In the Wild

Thirty Meter Telescope SysML Model

TMT is currently being developed by the TMT Observatory Corporation. The TMT SysML model provides an industrial scale application of OpenMBEE and system-level behavior simulation. The main objective for the TMT related analysis is to provide state-dependent power roll-ups for different operational scenarios and demonstrate that requirements are satisfied by the design as well as mass roll-ups and duration analysis of the operational use cases. The model is built with an approach to model-based systems analysis with SysML that is both rigorous and automated. The approach’s rigor is established with a modeling method that is an extension of INCOSE’s Object Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM).