Open MBEE has impacted the Engineering of Robotic Spacecraft, Large Telescopes demonstrating the approach of a Model-Based Environment for large complex Systems.

OpenMBEE software and models have been applied to several international projects. COMODO has been used for the ESO Very Large Telescope, the Very Large Telescope Interferometer, and the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) control systems, generating production quality applications.

The ESO model libraries for instrumentation have been used on the ELT project for design and implementation of the instrument control system.

MMS, VE, and the MDKs have been used for JPL flight projects such as Mars2020, Europa Clipper, Europa Lander, Mars Sample Return, and Asteroid Redirect Retrieval Mission, creating and maintaining hundreds of engineering documents from models with millions of elements.

The Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory has been using MMS, VE, and MDKs for creating engineering documentation from executable SysML models. SERC used MMS, VE, and MDKs for its NAVAIR surrogate pilot project for sign-off handling of documents.